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Transaction Fee: 0.25%
1 BTC = 55.7236 ETH

Higher returns on your digital assets

Increase your profits by trading BTC and ETH on margin.

Deposit in EUR directly via SEPA customers can rapidly deposits EUR to buy crypto, or convert their digital assets to EUR and withdraw via SEPA.

EURS is now offered 1:1 enables customers to execute orders instantly on EURS/EUR pair at no spread.

Automated Trading Platform (ATP) automated trading platform is designed to provide the best trading experience with advanced functionality.


The World’s Most Ambitions Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

Convert crypto to fiat or stablecoins instantly

Protect your investment portfolio from crypto volatility - convert your crypto assets to fiat or stablecoins within the platform.

Fiat withdrawal and deposit

Directly withdraw and deposit fiat. SEPA supported.

Fast and reliable

1ms order execution times and most digital assets kept in cold storage

Perfect safety track record

Our engine has never experienced security breaches since its inception 8 years ago

2X Leverage
3M+ Daily turnover
0.25% Fees
24/7 Availability

What Sets us Apart from the Competition?

Margin trading

Increase your profits by trading BTC and ETH on margin

2 in 1 works in partnership with EXANTE. You can open two accounts simultaneously to trade digital assets and more than 50,000 financial instruments worldwide.


Benefit from the automated trading platform with FIX API 4.4

White Label

Develop your own digital assets exchange within weeks by utilising our high tech infrastructure


Convert digital assets to fiat - safe, fast and at the lowest commissions. We support BTC, ETH, VEO, USDT and EURS conversions to USD and EUR

Collateralised loans

Want to keep your digital assets and embrace other investment opportunities? Gozo’s digital asset collateral is the product for you!


Trade anywhere, anytime, on any device

Go pro in trading by using our state-of-the-art ATP terminal and never miss out on the market events with our mobile trading app.

Lightning speed

When there is no time to wait

Enjoy instant execution with an institutional-grade trading engine by EXANTE

1ms Latency even during the highest volume times

Domiciled in the European Union

A EU member state Malta has recently enacted the Virtual Asset Framework (VFA) to regulate digital asset exchanges. In the first place, the Maltese VFA framework aims to support investor interests, ensure fraud protection and provide transparent information on digital asset services.


Press and Partners About Us has made a wise choice in utilising EXANTE's state-of-the-art platform and we are confident it will set them apart from the competition.

First managers that invest in core-level infrastructure of the new generation economy

Creators of a unique online platform — a game changer in the industry

Creators of the World's first Bitcoin Fund.

Become our client today is the first to bring professional trading to the rapidly developing world of digital assets.